Report an Emergency

If there is an emergency in your building that you need to report to KDM Management Inc., please call us at:

(780) 460-0444

Emergencies that you should call 911 for:

  • Fire
  • Medical Emergency
  • Police Emergency

Emergencies that you should call KDM Management Inc. for:

  • Water loss:
    • flood, leaking pipes, roof leak, sewer back up
  • No heat
  • Elevator not working
  • Parkade door not functioning
  • Building security compromised (i.e. an entrance/exit door won't lock)
  • Power failure
    • Call Epcor at 780-412-4500
  • No water
    • Call Epcor at 780-412-6800

Non-Emergency Situations

These situations should be dealt with by calling KDM Management during regular business hours. See here for information on how to contact us.

  • Objects dropped down elevator shaft
  • Parking passes needed
  • Lost keys or fobs
  • Moving in or out
  • Intercom changes / problems
  • Garbage not picked up
  • Vehicle ticketed / towed (call local Bylaw enforcement agency)
  • Barking dog (call local Bylaw enforcement agency)
  • Administrative requests