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KDM Information Session

I think it's great you host these! No other Management group I've been with does. It's all about strong boards which equals efficient dealings w managers which equals results. Thanks!
Board Member
Edmonton, AB

Business Service

As an owner of a condo that's managed by KDM I was going through the steps of selling. There were many documents required to complete this transaction. It was very comforting to know that with their online document tools available and the assistance of both Sue the manager and Cassandra her assistant I was able to gather the necessary information easily and quickly. Well done girls! Thanks so much.
Edmonton, AB

191 Units - Apartment Style

I’ve been a board member with Eaux Claire off and on for the past 10 years. Since working with Paul, I’ve always found him to be very honest and straightforward with any comments of suggestions he makes. He also listens and tries to address any concerns we have. If he wasn’t sure of something we as a board asked him, he finds out and get back to us as quickly as he can or have his assistant call us or email us back with the information we were asking or concerned about. He’s also quick to point out any discrepancies he sees and also gives positive feedback as well. I like Paul and do enjoy working with him, Paul is always encouraging more input and more team work from the rest of the board as well. I know if there are any issues, I can call Paul and he will either instruct what we should do or arrange someone to come out and help us.
Board Member

86 Units - Apartment Style

Paul does an excellent job in managing our building. He works well with the board, gives out solid advice, is professional, knowledgeable and is there when we need his assistance. He works well with our resident manager and ensures that she is maintaining the building, and completing her required duties. He is able to answer questions, is great at communicating promptly through email.
Board Member

41 Units - Townhouse Style

Paul promptly returns email communication, is professional, is approachable, appears to be organized. He goes above and beyond, and is quite knowledgeable. He is professional, is a strong representative for KDM.
Board Member

KDM Online Document Center

What great service! Thank you so much. I had to get condo documents from a different management company for another client a couple of weeks ago. I spent over an hour removing staples from every paper document so that I could scan them for my buyer and his lawyer. Another realtor was there doing the exact same thing. It is so nice to be able to order and receive documents online...and so efficiently. Thank you again.
Lori Hunt, RE/MAX River City


"The MacEwan documents gave me a sense of how invaluable you are to the owners and the Board at MacEwan Gardens. Acquiring the documents was seamless, your responses were timely. I remember you very patiently helping me find a 'building limit' on a CSIO insurance certificate, while I was reviewing docs for another building earlier in the summer this year. I appreciated that more than you know. Companies like mine don't always make a lot of friends in Prop. Mgrs. In what can be a thankless job and considering levels of low property management services I've seen... YOU shine. Property managers can be obstacles when buying/selling a condo unit, but when I see your name, I am relieved and confident. Thanks. Exemplary service should be acknowledged. I wish you every success."
Sharon Blondin
Onoway, AB

Business Review

We have been associated with KDM for several years. Our experience in dealing with not only the managers at this company, but also with the owners has been nothing but positive. The managers we deal with at KDM are hands on and get the job done. They are responsive in every way. We have had several issues over the years with regard to maintenance, and these items have been dealt with in a forthright manner. While we have had differences of opinion, they have always been willing to listen, and as anyone in the maintenance end knows, that is a huge plus.....!
Shiba Contracting

120 Unit Apartment

Dear Ms. Goodchild, I am writing to acknowledge Ms. Johanson's performance as Condominium Manager for Carlisle Santa Fe over the span of my near two years as a member of the Board - notably the previous one as VP. Suzie has helped elevate the level of professionalism amongst Board members and the Board's collective efficiency while helping us overcome a difficult year - recovering from the fire. She has done so by providing us with training opportunities, offering sage advice and counsel in a timely fashion, helping us better prepare for meetings, by following up with tasks, assignments and correspondence, with her ability to moderate conflict resolution in an ethical manner and by being a wonderful "liaison officer" with the many owners, caretaker and businesses associated with fire recovery and week to week operations. Her visible support with our Welcome Back BBQ, 22 September 2016 was duly noted by her attendance, issuing Board packages in person in advance of the subsequent meeting (ergo, eliminating unnecessary expenditure and allowing review feedback in person) and with the provision of bottled water, cotton candy and popcorn. Where and when required, she will ensure that guests are invited to select meetings. The desired results are obvious, as is the respect shown for her, by those guests. It reassures Board members that we are in good hands and has a calming effect while discussing stressful subjects like finances, costly repair issues and fire restoration. From the onset, I found that her friendly and professional demeanor was most welcoming. In fact, it has been beyond welcoming. It has made an immense difference in preventing an attrition of good people on our Board and in developing and promoting our MISSION STATEMENT and VISION.
Board Vice President
Edmonton, AB

Finance Department

We have found of late that KDM is doing an even more excellent job - The retained earnings always balances, questions are answered so quickly, your staff is great to work With, we really appreciate it.
Barb Surry Auditor
Sherwood Park